Monday, February 7, 2011

Another pair of fingerless gloves

I have a cream colored scarf that I already own that my parents gave to me a couple of years ago for Christmas. I had leftover cream colored yarn from making an afghan a couple of years ago for a fundraiser at my old job at Woodfords, as well as from when I made Chris his blanket for Christmas this year (which he loves by the way). So, I decided to make myself another pair of fingerless gloves with the yarn to match the scarf. Of course, I was pleased with the result :-)


The Thai Family said...

I need to find a pattern to crochet myself some of these... but I think I'd go with a shorter length simply b/c I always wear long sleeves in the winter and the longer length would get in the way of that. But what a great idea!

Martha said...

I have a pair that I made in red/burgundy. I'm making a pair for Clare as well. I found a pair of fingerless gloves on Lion Brand using Fun Fur, but I am sure you can use another yarn in place of that. Bernat also has a really cute pattern for half mittens and a newsboy cap, also in crochet.


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