Saturday, March 20, 2010

Knitting websites where you can pull ideas from...

Okay, so I figure that I should let people know some of my favorite websites where I get knitting patterns from. The yarn that goes along with the patterns is also pretty easy to find (is at most major craft stores) and the patterns are pretty basic. They are divided into different levels of difficulty. Find ideas for what you want, email them to me and I will let you know if I can do it (time wise and ability wise). Have a couple of ideas just in case I say that it is too difficult for me to complete.

I've always liked this particular website. I found a couple of good patterns on there, including an afghan I made for my friend Audrey for a fundraiser that she was holding for Relay for Life. I am making one similar to it right now for my friend Amy's friend (I said I would make something for somebody - whatever they wanted - and they raffled that off at the fundraiser as well). Once I finish the afghan, I will post a picture of it.

This is another website that I like. I got Chris's sweater from there and the sweater I am making for myself right now is from there too. Same idea as Lion Brand...the yarn is able to be found pretty much anyplace. And like Lion Brand, have a couple of ideas of what you want.

Lion Brand has more of a selection than Bernat FYI. There are other websites out there, but it would be easier to make something from either of these websites because they tell you exactly what type of yarn to use and if you searched for a pattern on the web, you wouldn't get the correct gauge or weight.

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Boyfriend Sweater (or Men's Drop Shoulder Sweater)

Oh the Boyfriend Sweater. When I told my friend Lindsay that I was making it for Chris, she informed me of the following curse:

Well, naturally, I freaked out. You see, the last time I knitted something for someone (my ex-boyfriend), I knitted a scarf. He saw me making it (and didn't know it was for him) and said "I don't like wearing scarfs". I think he wore it twice in the 2.5 years we went out. Well, I had told Chris that I was making this for him to make sure that he actually wear it (given my past experience...I didn't want to take my know?). Luckily for me he a) said he would and b) said he used to have a sweater like the one I was making.

I guess time will tell if the curse actually exists right? I told him about the pre-knitual agreement and he laughed.

It turned out pretty good though, don't you think?

It's a little large, but that's what dryers are for...

Martha Stewert's Poncho

I am undecided if this is another "don't ask me to make this" pattern". It is actually the poncho that Martha Stewert designed, made, and wore, when she left prison. I think this is the first time that I actually channelled Martha Stewert intentionally. I remember my mother having to expand the neck (maybe?) so that it would actually fit over my head. She also made one. There is one in knitting and one in crocheting. Don't ask me to crochet it. Remember...I do NOT crochet. Sorry.

My First Afghan

This is the first afghan I made when I went to college. I had been making scarves for a while, and my mom decided to convince me to branch out. It was pretty easy to make and was actually based upon the first scarf pattern I had made.

My first sweater

This, however, was VERY easy to make. It was all in one piece (well, except for one side where I had to attach the yarn and make the sleeve) and the yarn is fantastic. It comes in a longer version as well that I am considering making for myself and it is incredibly comfortable. I love the color as well and it definitely calls for big chunky buttons because the yarn is so big and chunky. I LOVE this sweater :-)

The project from Hell....

Do NOT ask me to make this. I made this for myself when I was in Jesuit Volunteer Corps and was going through a stage where I decided I should make my own clothes (that didn't last). I think I started it two or three times and it involves crocheting. Never. Again. I think I have worn it once since finishing it (well my mom finished it for me). Please, for my own sanity...don't ask me....


Okay...this obviously is an afghan I made. Originally, it was supposed to be for my boyfriend, Chris, but I decided that the pattern was not "manly" enough (don't ask me why...I think it may have also been because I liked the pattern...). I have a book of afghan patterns that can be found in most craft stores (AC Moore, Michaels, etc) so people can look at it as a reference if they are not near me.

This pattern has a really nice wave pattern that is not easy to see in the picture. It's is really nice...


So I decided to do a knitting blog of stuff that I done. I will update as I go along. I am also considering doing projects on commission for people. Keep in mind, I have very limited skills. I know how to crochet, but do not do it well. As a grad school student, I also do not have much time to do stuff, so it may take me a while to get stuff to order WELL ahead of time people!!!! Yes, I know that I have said that I have time because nothing happens at my job, but considering the fact that I am looking for a new job, this may not be the case anymore.


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